Having the right environment to live or work in is important to us all and with modern air conditioning systems offering not only the ability to cool your surroundings but also heat, they are often being used throughout the year whatever the season.


Whether you need a new system, and help with its design and installation, or the maintenance and repair of existing systems the team at I Delta have the experience to help you.

Our portfolio of works stretches from projects within the Olympic village to hundreds of residential, retail and commercial properties.

There are options to suit all needs these days, with simple wall mounted units, concealed ducted systems to more complex three pipe heat recovery units.

We understand whether it’s being used in your home or place of work, your needs and requirements will vary and so we strive to offer a flexible and efficient service based on our experience as installers

Of course, flexibility isn’t just about the type of system but also the cost, we are not bound to a single manufacturer, we work with many leading brands such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LG, Samsung, Fujitsu and more.

This means we can work with your requirements while offering a price to suit your budget, while still delivering a great service.

In addition to a level of service we pride ourselves on we are happy to not only offer a standard manufacturer guarantee but also our own guarantee on the installation of your air condition unit.

We can do this as we have an in-house team of plumbers and electricians, experienced in every aspect of a project, ensuring there is no need for sub-contractors to be used.

Why call us to discuss your needs on 01727 227 515 whether winter or summer, heat or cooling we can assist you and provide a system that works for you.


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